Hello, 1302 students and teacher(s)! I’m Lindsey Severson. English 1302 is the last class I need to graduate; I’ve finished everything else I need for my major in Classics and minors in Japanese and Spanish.

I’ve written fiction off and on since elementary school, when my commitments and stress levels allow (which is to say, most of the time I can’t write, although the impulse is always there), and I’m the person who twitches every time she sees a typo, so my grasp of the mechanics of writing is solid. When I get an essay turned in on time, I usually get an A on it. Unfortunately, I have depression and ADHD, as well as a phobia of writing research papers, and the combination makes it very hard to write papers even when I want to. I do not have any goals for this course other than to finally pass it, as my previous experiences in the course have only taught me what a literature review is and that writing papers is still extremely stressful and difficult for me.

I have used a number of different methods of time management over the years. This semester I’m trying out Trello with a kanban board setup. I haven’t used this setup before, so I don’t know if it will work for me. In the past, methods which have worked best for me are Dave Seah’s various printable productivity tools (which ends up taking a lot of paper), and timing how long I work (which I don’t think I have the energy for right now).


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